Unlock Your Data

BLAQ Analytics will help you measure all the metrics that are important to you.

Sync all your Data

BLAQ integrates with CRMs, E-ommerce stores, Gateways and Processors. We can help you make sense of all your data.

Win against friendly fraud

BLAQ helps you find the source of payment fraud.

Take Action

Unlock your data to find where you are losing revenue. BLAQ makes it simple to understand how to secure your profits.

Transform your Business

Unveiling the Power of Analytics with Data-Driven Insights

Chargeback Analytics

Dive deep into historical transaction records, customer interactions, and payment processes

Identification and Prevention

Proactively identify and prevent chargebacks before they occur.

Informed Decision-Making

Understand the root causes of disputes, trends in fraudulent activities, and areas needing improvement

Improve Efficiency
Easy to use

Early Detection

Analyze historical data, behavioral patterns, and transactional information

Reduce False Positives

Learn from data patterns and adapt to evolving fraud tactics

Cost Savings

Avoid chargebacks, fraudulent claims, and potential legal costs

Chargeback Analytics

Chargeback Analytics can revolutionize the way businesses tackle disputes and fraudulent transactions. By harnessing the power of data analytics and AI, companies can transform their chargeback management strategies, reducing financial risks, improving operational efficiency, and fostering stronger relationships with customers.

As technology continues to evolve, embracing Chargeback Analytics will undoubtedly remain a cornerstone in safeguarding businesses from the impacts of chargebacks, ensuring sustainable growth and success in an ever-evolving marketplace.