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BLAQ offers the highest payouts on Chargebacks, Deflections, Alerts and Representments

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BLAQ has partner solutions to help you Increase Revenue generated from your Merchants


Merchants can get the best protection from first party fraud

Chargeback Alerts

Get the highest payout on Chargeback Prevention Alerts. Learn more about Ethoca Alerts and Verifi CDRN.


Give your Merchants the ability to manage their own Chargebacks and Disputes.

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All Merchants can benefit from fraud protection


BLAQ List allows merchants to check fraudulent activity from their merchants

Reduce Chargebacks

Disputes can be resolved before they ever turn into a Chargeback.

Reduce Customer Friction

By providing more information to Cardholders and Issuer, Merchants are able to quickly resolve any Disputes

Transaction Intelligence

Merchants can make better decisions when they have great Analytics. BLAQ provides insight into many data sources that allows Merchants to build custom Dashboards.

Better Data
Simple Interface
Reduce Fraud

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