BLAQ Deflections

Deflect Chargebacks before they even start. BLAQ helps you provide instant proof to the bank that you fulfilled the Order.

How it works

Cardholder contacts their Issuer

A Cardholder calls their bank to file a Dispute

Issuer reaches out to BLAQ to confirm transaction details

The Issuing bank will make a request to confirm the receipt details of an online order

BLAQ Deflects Chargeback

Our proprietary system will gather all relevant data and respond to the bank

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What Types of Deflection Services are there?

Ethoca Eliminator

Ethoca Eliminator for Merchants is a great way to eliminate chargeback costs caused by friendly fraud.


Visa Merchant Purchase Inquiry helps you avoid chargebacks and get real-time fraud notifications.

Order Insight

Verifi Order Insight allows issuers to prevent disputes at customer inquiry.

Consumer Clarity

Mastercard Consumer Clarity allows merchants to provide a response to the bank during a cardholder dispute