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Protect your online store against Friendly Fraud, Chargebacks and Disputes

Shield Your Business from Chargebacks

Discover an easy solution for Dispute Resolution and Chargeback Prevention

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Receive real-time alerts to address transaction disputes, maintain compliance, and safeguard your merchant account.

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Unlock the power of comprehensive analytics to pinpoint the root causes of transaction disputes and proactively resolve issues.

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Use BLAQ List to quickly scan your orders to see if a Customer is "blacklisted."

Chargeback Platform

Respond to Chargeback Alerts and manage your Representments in one place.

Event Timeline

Event Timeline allows you to quickly gather compelling evidence to respond to Transaction Disputes.

Discover our proven, tech-infused approach to tackle Chargebacks

Data Sync

Match chargebacks to their original order data, making it easier to uncover compelling evidence

Smart Response

Maximize ROI by strategically selecting your battles. Customize responses based on reason codes, ensuring you invest wisely

Cutting-Edge Automation

Say goodbye to labor-intensive, time-consuming tasks and hello to streamlined operations.

Compelling Evidence

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All Transaction Data in One Platform

Integrate all your data sources and eliminate Friendly Fraud


Complete Cardholder receipt and Order data


Quickly access payment information

Shipping Carriers

Know all of the shipping and tracking details for physical products

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