Has one of your new Customers been "Blacklisted" by other Merchants? Protect yourself against fraudulent Cardholders.

Dangers of Friendly Fraud

Friendly Fraud can cause you to lose your Merchant Account

What would happen if your Merchant Account was shut down tomorrow?

In most cases, you would be at serious risk of losing your online business and the entire customer-base you’ve built.

If you have been a victim of friendly fraud, this means that one of your customers has reported a transaction as “unauthorized” to intentionally game the system, leaving you with a chargeback. Unfortunately, the damages of friendly fraud are much more severe than simply losing the money from the transaction.

The sad reality is that as soon as you get close to a 1% chargeback ratio, you become at risk of being forced to pay higher interchange rates, deal with rolling reserves, and even losing your Merchant Account.

But don’t worry - we’re here to help!

Chargebacks and Disputes can harm your Business

BLAQ List is a revolutionary new way to immediately reduce Friendly Fraud and protect your online business from other damaging fraudulent schemes. We protect merchants from Fraudsters with histories of chargeback disputes and add a crucial layer of security to prevent the potential loss of your online business.

Identifying Friendly Fraud

How do I identify a BLAQ Listed Cardholder?

Good Cardholder BLAQ Listed Cardholder
Takes responsibility for past purchases Games the system by reporting charges they’ve made to their bank as “fraudulent”
Contacts merchants directly to look for a resolution, not a refund Makes purchases with the intent of filing a dispute afterwards
Has a clean track-record for past purchases and will apply honesty and integrity in the event of a dispute Applies these tactics to make numerous purchases from different merchants and get free products as a result of the bank creating a chargeback and forcing merchants to refund the money.

How Do We Do It?

Our developers have spent years creating the most robust platform to monitor and interconnect CRMs, Gateways, and Merchant Accounts into one centralized hub for reporting and filtering of important business data.

Thanks to this unparalleled interconnectivity, we offer our merchants the ability to contribute their records of negative customer experiences with all other merchants in the community.

Other services only provide limited protections and lack a substantial network for their customers to leverage. Our network is already large and becomes exponentially more powerful with every new member.

For example,

Let’s say you’re a seasoned and successful online merchant. You’ve recently had a cardholder file a dispute against you with their financial institution.

This has cost you two to three times more than the transaction amount!

With BLAQ List, now all of those cardholders are added to our system and given an aggregate score based on their history with not only you, but every other merchant we work with as well.

This creates a massive network of merchants to help protect the collective against consumer fraud and the credit card institutions who always seem to take the Fraudster’s side.

You can now search, filter, and even set up auto cancellations of those customers that you feel are going to put your business at risk. This way, you don’t have to fear those Fraudsters disputing your transactions again in the future.

Why We Do It

We get it - running an online business is hard enough as it is.

Dealing with fraud is just another thing merchants have to add to their plate. And to make matters worse, it gets confusing to try and figure out what to do when you receive your first chargeback.

Banks position themselves to take the side of the Cardholder in the event of Disputes, and Fraudsters are more familiar with gaming the system than the merchants trying to make an honest living.

Without proper support, Merchants are vulnerable to be taken advantage of in more ways than one.

BLAQ List creates a completely new way to fight back. Leverage the experience of our expansive network of Merchants to protect you and your business.

We protect Merchants both pre and post-transaction to help prevent friendly fraud.

We put the power back in your hands - you can choose how you want to use it.

How To Get Started

There are always going to be people who try to game the system or seek a refund after feeling buyers remorse. But these factors should not leave you with personal risk and potentially put you out of business.

BLAQ provides 2 simple ways for you to start using BLAQ List immediately.

1 - Web Interface

BLAQ has a web based solution that you can login and use. Enter any Customer information to search CRM/Ecommerce Orders, and use Card information to search Chargeback/Transaction data.

2 - API

The API allows you to integrate BLAQ List wherever you want. You can send your Cardholder information, and BLAQ List will immediately return the scores that you want.

Because it’s important to us that our customers receive a great value by using BLAQ List, we’re offering a 30 day money back guarantee so that anyone who wants to try the BLAQ List can do so risk-free.

Community Driven Tool

BLAQ List is a community driven friendly fraud tool that allows you to leverage the experience of other Merchants.

Our larger partners have teams of people that help them find and fight fraud, which allows our smaller users to leverage the power of the community to fight back against friendly fraud.

If any Cardholder who has engaged with our network has a history of doing the following, you’ll be able to take action before it’s too late:

  • Calling their bank to make a fraudulent dispute
  • Purchased a similar product and attempted to be refunded without returning the product
  • Signing up for recurring products, receiving the products, cancelling early and calling the bank for a Chargeback

We’re ​​On Your Side

Credit card companies and banks almost always side with the cardholder committing friendly fraud, regardless of their history. We’ve got your back to help you take action against these Fraudsters by immediately being able to:

  • Prevent Chargebacks: Disputes that are identified as friendly fraud are deflected before they become chargebacks.

  • Recover Lost Revenue: Revenue is recovered when the Fraudster assumes rightful liability for their Transaction.

  • Reduce False Declines: Acceptance is increased as Issuer fraud models are improved.

  • Improve Customer Experience: Cardholders no longer need to go through the frustrating chargeback process or have their credit cards canceled and reissued.

Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not completely satisfied with the BLAQ List, you can cancel at any time. There is a 30 day money back guarantee on your first 30 days of service.

Simple, transparent pricing.

Always know what you'll Pay


Introductory Price

  • Advanced scoring (Chargebacks, Refunds, Returns)
  • Reduce Chargebacks
  • Scan happens before/after checkout
  • Fewer customer Disputes

Risks of Waiting

There are 3 major risks of waiting to get started before it’s too late

1 - The Worst Case Scenario

In the event that unforeseen chargebacks lead to the loss of your merchant account, you run the risk of losing your online business that you’ve worked so hard to build. If this happens, you would have to start a new LLC through a different provider, which would leave you offline for weeks or longer and permanently disconnect you from your current customer-base.

2 - The Cost of a Single Chargeback

With a single chargeback on a transaction of $100, the fees, penalties, and other associated costs can add up to $250 of charges on your end. The cost of using the BLAQ List is only $19/month, or $228 annually. Fraudsters are becoming increasingly savvy with their ability to commit friendly fraud - placing an inexpensive yet valuable layer of security is a no-brainer.

3 - The Impact on Long-Term Growth

Instead of being stuck dealing with chargebacks and all of the time and money that comes with it, using the BLAQ List allows you to spend less time handling cardholder issues and more time focusing on growing your revenue.

Chargebacks are Frustrating

Receiving your first chargeback can be intimidating.

  • Avoid costly Mistakes: Leverage the experience of large Merchants

  • Beginners welcome Even if you're just starting out, we're excited to help you out

  • Learn new strategies: learn new ideas to help you combat friendly fraud


3 Step Process for better Customers

Cardholder Lookup

You can use the Web UI or robust API to look up a specific Cardholder

BLAQ List Score

BLAQ List will calculate Chargeback, Refund, and RMA scores for you

Save Money

Reduce your fees and headaches associated with Disputes by stopping them at the source

Reduce Friendly Fraud

Friendly Fraud & Disputes Damage the Customer Experience

  • Descriptor Confusion
  • 2nd Party Fraud
  • Buyers Remorse
  • Gaming the System

The Problem

  • Issuers have limited tools and no knowledge of order details of a Transaction on the initial call with Cardholders.
  • Merchants have no proactive method to resolve Disputes before they happen.


There are several variations on this category of fraudulent activity that occur, but the most important thing to understand is this occurs when a consumer who understands how banks and payment processors (ex; Visa, Wells Fargo, and Paypal) operate. This allows them to place orders for goods and services but then claim to be unaware of that purchase for a refund.

In addition to losing out of the amount of your sale and any products or time spent on this customer? The Payment processors “double dip”. The individual is their customer. They will do whatever is necessary to keep them happy and accumulate interest and fees from that consumer.