Chargeback Representments

Win your Payment Disputes. BLAQ will sync all of your payment data sources to build the most comprehensive compelling evidence.

Recover Revenue

Recover lost revenue by proactively winning your payment Disputes.

All Data in One Place

BLAQ integrates will all of your payment data sources. You can combine this data into winning representments.

Advanced Reporting

Unlock your data to see when and why your Customers are filing Disputes. Use this knowledge to save more money

Automate your Process

Building a representment shouldn't stop you from running your business

Sync Data

BLAQ will automatically sync all of your Payment Data from each of your Providers.

Build Templates

Use the Template Builder to create the perfect response for each product type that you are selling.

Generate Documents

Generate all of the necessary documents required to represent a Payment Dispute. You can create your Representment as a PDF, TIFF, DOC and many more formats.

Chargeback Reversal

Learn how to reverse fraudulent Chargebacks

Get step-by-step instructions on reversing chargebacks and first party fraud.

Understand the Reason for the Chargeback

Upon receiving a chargeback notification, carefully review the reason provided by the card issuer or payment network. Determine whether it's due to fraud, a customer dispute, processing errors, or other reasons.

Gather Documentation

Collect and organize all relevant documentation related to the disputed transaction. This may include:

  1. Proof of purchase (receipts, invoices, order confirmations).
  2. Shipping/tracking information.
  3. Communication records (emails, correspondence, customer service logs).
  4. Any other evidence supporting the legitimacy of the transaction.

Submit a Reversal Request

Contact your payment processor or acquirer to initiate a chargeback reversal request. Provide all necessary documentation and your rebuttal to support your case. Many processors have specific procedures or online portals to handle chargeback disputes.

Manage Chargeback Representments

Quickly create and manage your Chargeback Representment templates

BLAQ provides successful merchants the tools to fight and win First Party Fraud.

Await Resolution and Provide Additional Information

The payment processor or card network will review your dispute and documentation. They might request additional information or clarification during this process. Promptly respond to any inquiries and provide requested documents to support your case.

Monitor Communication and Follow Up

Stay attentive to any communication from the payment processor or card network regarding the chargeback dispute. Follow up regularly to ensure that your case is being reviewed and progressed.

Document and Learn

Keep a record of all communications, documentation submitted, and outcomes of the chargeback dispute for future reference. Analyze the reasons behind the chargeback to identify areas for improvement in your business processes or customer service.

Navigating chargeback reversals requires diligence, documentation, and a clear understanding of the dispute process. By providing compelling evidence and following the steps outlined, merchants can increase their chances of successfully reversing unwarranted chargebacks.

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