Products and Services

BLAQ provides several products and services to help you reduce Friendly Fraud and Disputes


BLAQ List provides a simple score to see if a Cardholder has recently committed Friendly Fraud against other Merchants.

BLAQ Deflections

Deflections allow Merchants to provide order information to financial institutions during a Cardholders initial Dispute request.

Chargeback Alerts

Chargeback Alerts allow Merchants to be notified soon after a Cardholder has filed a Dispute.

Chargeback Representments

Chargeback Representments allow Merchants to build a response to financial institutions when a Cardholder files a Dispute.


BLAQ Hat helps Merchants identify and eliminate Friendly Fraud before the Cardholder places their initial Order on their E-Commerce store.

Chargeback Insurance

Chargeback Insurance helps Merchants protect their revenue from unforeseen Disputes

Chargeback Analytics

Chargeback Analytics allows Merchants to build custom reports and track data that is important you.

BLAQ Timeline

Timeline helps Merchants quickly compile compelling evidence during a Dispute

Open Dialog

Open dialog is a tool that allows Merchants, Cardholders and Financial Institutions to communicate on a specific Dispute


BLAQ AI allows you to use natural language to use any of our existing products. Quickly generate a Represenment for a Chargeback or search for friendly fraud.