We're excited to announce the release of BLAQ AI. This allows you to manage your Fraud and Chargebacks using simple Natural Language.

Artificial Intelligence

BLAQ AI allows you to quickly find and eliminate fraudulent customers. You can use natural language to use any of our existing tools like BLAQ List.

What can I do with BLAQ AI?

Fraudulent Customers

BLAQ List can help you identify fraudulent customers before they become a problem.


Quickly find Cardholders that have a high refund or high return ratio.

Order Management

Manage your orders with natural language.

AI Fraud Prevention

AI-driven fraud prevention isn't limited to the financial sector. It's also making significant strides in combating fraud in healthcare, insurance, e-commerce, and other industries where fraudulent activities pose substantial risks.

Event though AI offers tremendous potential in the fight against fraud, it's important to address certain challenges. Ensuring data privacy and ethics in AI implementation, managing false positives to reduce unnecessary alerts, and the need for constant system updates to counter new fraud tactics are among the key considerations.

Enhanced Decision Making

Data-driven insights

Mitigate fraudulent activities across industries

Risk Assessments

Continuously learn and adapt

Assist Human Analysts

Streamline workflows to enable your analysts

Easy to use
Enhance current processes

Learning and Evolution

As fraudsters develop new techniques, AI systems can evolve to recognize these new patterns and tactics.

Pattern Recognition

AI systems can identify subtle anomalies that might escape human detection.

Monitoring and Analysis

Monitor activities in real time, providing immediate alerts when suspicious behavior is detected

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